In a world where people increasingly rely on a 24/7 economy, having the ability to always help your customer when needed is becoming more and more important. A solid customer service is crucial and choosing for a remote option to fulfill demand can be a viable option. How can a remote customer service be of use within your company?

Remote customer services can increase your revenue

Stepping in the world of remote workers can benefit revenue quite a bit. The usual process of selecting and hiring people can take up quite some time and effort. It also limits you in where you can search people due to geographical location. By outsourcing your customer service needs, you save yourself the hassle of finding the right people for the job that needs to be done. A remote customer service also means that you won’t have to pay for extra housing costs to provide office space for and on-site helpdesk.

A customer service that is always online

Another plus side is the fact that remote workers can be hired from all over the world. That way you are given the possibility to ensure the customer service channels are manned at every moment of the day. People in different time zones can pick up where local colleagues left off, without the customers even noticing.

Get more satisfied customers and users

A satisfied customer is a happy one, and a high-quality customer service can greatly influence that customer satisfaction. One example is the use of a live chat to help visitors on your website in the event something goes wrong or is unclear.

A recent study concludes that the group of customers that prefer a live chat over other means of communication is growing rapidly. Numbers show that a staggering 46% of people prefer a live chat as the main method of contacting support, compared to 29% for email and a meager 16% for social media.

Scalable according to your actual needs

When running a business, there is a natural flow with busy times and uneventful periods. During those latter terms, it is beneficial to scale down operations to that current demand. With a remote team at work, you can easily hire new people when the help is needed and shrink teams when the greatest needs have been fulfilled.

That way you are only paying for the amount of assistance you really need. In addition, remote workers tend to be less distracted by colleagues and other derivations. This ensures an optimal working performance and the best results down the line. Partnering up with OnlyRemoteWorkers, gives you the ability to hire the right workforce for the job at hand. Precisely when you need them. Have a look at the Customer Services we provide